I recently visited the Tantra Temple in Budapest, and I would like to share with you what I learned there. Out of respect, I will not mention your name.

I visited the Tantra Temple after some previous experience and thorough internet research. I received attentive and accurate information from the first phone call. The environment, the location and the welcome speaks for itself in the best sense of the word and gives me confidence. The time I spent there and the experience I had has been remembered only with top positive compliments ever since.

 A priestess greeted me and led me along the journey. Her personality, and especially her charisma, is captivating. The tantra massage she gave me was a special experience that is hard to describe in words. Confident hands guided me into a sensual world I had not experienced before. The series of experiences experienced there cannot simply be the result of one service. Openness, acceptance and love were experienced in every moment and every movement.


I had a glimpse into the world of the senses, and I was touched by a greater wave of flowing love. It is enviable to be part of it. It is admirable who possesses it.
Thank you and see you again.