The tantric massage

Although the so-called sexual revolution took place decades ago, sexuality is still associated with many fears, inhibitions, prejudices and underlying ignorance in society. We don’t know how to experience and use sexual, erotic energy in its pure form – we don’t know because we haven’t learned. Paradoxically, schools also teach the physical training of the body, the development of musical abilities, the training of the mind, and they train musicians, artists and scientists at length to become masters of their profession, their vocation.

On the other hand, sexual education is not part of this training, or it is limited to the biological, anatomical aspects of sexuality and does not touch at all on the proper, blissful use of sexual energy. Yet our lives are profoundly influenced by desire, by sexual energy, which has a profound impact on the quality of our relationships and our well-being.

It is therefore very much necessary for all of us to educate ourselves in this area in order to learn how to use our erotic potential correctly.


The uplifting and fulfilling practice of eroticism has its own science and art, based on thousands of years of experience and best summed up by Tantra.

Although the teachings of Tantra are by no means limited to sexuality, but cover a much broader spectrum of life and self-fulfilment, no other school of thought has explored the themes of sexuality, sensuality, polarity and eroticism in such depth and scope.

Moreover, Tantra not only addresses these issues on a theoretical level, but also offers practical guidance on how to develop the sensual, erotic aspects of our being.


Tantric massage or tantric massage is one of the practical tools of tantra.

It is a sensual massage that goes deep into your being, gradually cleansing the energy channels called meridians, inside our body, thus inducing a state of deep relaxation and tranquillity. It also awakens the dormant erotic energies that lie hidden throughout your being, and helps you to discover and transform them with the help of a masseur who is truly versed in Tantra.

Through a process called transmutation and sublimation, your whole being is filled with fresh, harmonious, joyful, ecstatic energies, allowing you to experience inner peace, happiness and fulfilment.

Massage can unblock sexual and emotional blockages and obstructions, activate relaxed erotic energies, emotions that have lost intensity, and help restore diminished self-confidence, helping you to access the elevated, fulfilled self that resides within each of us, so that you can become who you know in your heart you really are.

Tantric massage helps us to understand how our bodies and energies work in moments of intimacy and pleasure, to unfold them and learn to put them at the service of your own inner development. And by transforming and evolving yourself, it can contribute to a more conscious, harmonious way of being and living our relationships on a higher level.

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Experience the unique and wonderful experience of tantric massage!