Only a few hours ago I experienced a wonderful massage at the Tantra Temple, the energy of which is still vibrating in every cell of my body. A Tantric massage for women is really a discovery of the self, a thrilling, emotional journey into the hidden corners of our being. Immersion and fulfillment…. Entering the Tantra Temple, I arrived in a safe, peaceful space. My male guide welcomed me with love and gently prepared me for the massage at my own pace. The journey was truly about me… my masseur was respectful, his movements both tender and confident. He helped me to relax, to open up, all the while keeping me in the space of what I was experiencing and feeling. He flowed with me softly and helped me lovingly through the point where the imprints of difficult memories were being released from my body and soul. He was not rushed, I felt no expectations of him… he was simply present with me. In my pain and in my joy. He supported me, he was there with me. I am grateful for this experience because, although I have been on a journey of self-discovery for some time, I am now even closer to myself, to the Goddess within me, and I feel more complete. I highly recommend it to everyone!