Tantric massage – Tantra Temple

the deeply transformative experience of tantric massage

in a traditional, sacred way

Discover the ancient mysteries of life,
unlock the secrets hidden deep within your being…

Tantric massage – Tantra Temple

the deeply transformative experience of tantric massage

in a traditional, sacred way

Tantra massage in the Tantra Temple


Before we say anything, we would like invite you to experience the magical atmosphere of our rooms and massages:

If you scroll down, we tell you more about tantra and tantric massage.
Then we’ll share some  massage experiences, and then we’ll break them down into points about ourselves, the  Tantra Temple.
Finally, you can also find out if we recommend tantra massage to you.




Tantra – the wisdom of living life

Ancient Eastern wisdom gives us the knowledge of how to tame the energies of life, love and sexuality, how to unify body, mind and spirit, and how to transform our being into a sacred temple.

Tantric massage – experiencing Tantric existence through Eros

The Tantra Massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity and energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure.

Wondering how to be blissfully happy by elevating your energies?

Our mission is to introduce you to this mysterious and wonderful world!

They said about us:

„I experienced emotions that I can still feel the effects of to the present day!”

Thank you for the attention and dedication with which you have approached me! As much as I believed in your method, I could not imagine the " density " of love and tenderness that you...

„Here you really enter a temple…”

Despite the fact that since the time when writings about tantric love were published in Hungarian and I followed them, I didn't really know what to expect from tantric massage. I took it...

„There was openness, inclusiveness and love in every movement.”

I recently visited the Tantra Temple in Budapest, and I would like to share with you what I learned there. Out of respect, I will not mention your name. I visited the Tantra Temple after...

„I want to experience the miracle many times!”

From the very first moments, I had an extraordinary experience. The relaxed environment and your special charisma confirmed that I was in the right place. From the very beginning of the...

„I had an unforgettable experience!”

My story begins when my partner surprised me with a massage for Christmas. Of course she was there as well, we had massages at the same time, but separately. It was a very nice experience...

„I found what I needed…”

On Tuesday morning last week, my partner and I visited you. I was excited because although I had read a lot about the subject before we came to your place, I had never had this kind of...

„I entered to a new world…”

Thank you for last night. I have entered to a new world. It was a wonderful experience and a very deep recharge. It released a lot of emotions and deep buried blocks in me.I especially...

„The place radiates calm, peace and intimate warmth.”

"The music, the lights, the atmosphere are perfect for what they represent. After my previous unpleasant sexual experiences, the priestess's soft touch, kindness and love gave me an...

„The journey was really about me…”

Only a few hours ago I experienced a wonderful massage at the Tantra Temple, the energy of which is still vibrating in every cell of my body. A Tantric massage for women is really a...

Tantra Temple


∼ our massage therapists with many years of experience and practice in traditional tantra teachings
∼ for us erotic is a sacred art
intimate, cosy atmosphere
over ten years of professional experience
exclusive environment

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For whom do we recommend tantric massage ?


tantrikus masszázs nőknek

I am a woman

tantrikus masszázs férfiaknak

I am a man

tantrikus masszázs pároknak

We are a couple

Tantric massage for women, yoni massage

nőknek tantra masszázs Budapesten, jóni masszázs

I would love to…

   ∼ learn and experience my femininity in a safe environment

   ∼ be approached with respect and adoration as a goddess

   ∼ get to know myself better, unblock my known and hidden blocks

   ∼ experience intimacy in freedom, without any compliance

   ∼ to discover new states of pleasure, to expand my existing experiences

Tantric massage for men

férfiaknak tantra masszázs Budapesten

I would love to…

understand and experience sophisticated eroticism and intimacy

 ∼ to discover my masculine energetic potential and my states of pleasure regardless of the touch of my genitals

get help to deal with emotional and sexual blockages

to gain practical experience on my way to becoming multi-orgasmic lover

feel the full being of my female masseuse, her movements flowing all over my body

Tantric massage for couples

pároknak tantra masszázs Budapesten

I would love to…

   ∼  to know each other’s depths, to enhance our capacity for pleasure

   ∼ renew our relationship

   ∼ surprise each other with a selfless, special gift

   ∼ to live our love relationships at a higher level in the future

   ∼ gain insight into our relationship, from the perspective of the divine ancient wisdom of tantra