My story begins when my partner surprised me with a massage for Christmas. Of course she was there as well, we had massages at the same time, but separately. It was a very nice experience and I could already see the incredible love, devotion and attention that the Priestesses were giving!

In January, my partner was delighted to tell me (again) that she had an incredible surprise for me. In December there was a lottery at the Tantra Temple among the men who attended a massage and I was the lucky winner of a 3 hour Sultan massage. I was almost speechless, it was so incredible.
It was my birthday in February and I requested the massage for that day.
I wish everyone a birthday like that!!!

Even on arrival, the welcome was very warm. We chatted a bit, I drank some rose water. After a very sensual bath with two priestesses, we entered one of the shrines, where we were greeted by a very pleasant smell and a cosy light. It was in this dim light that the third Priestess began an erotic dance. It is very difficult to describe the feeling that the three Priestesses gave me, as they all massaged me at the same time. They were full of love and they caressed, touched and massaged my body with every part of their body. I won’t go into details, let it be a surprise for those who visit here afterwards.

I had a simply unforgettable experience!!!
At the end of the massage I was offered grapes and oranges, we talked for a long time and it was the perfect ending. Thank you so much for your kindness and for what I was able to experience.

Dear interested visitors, men and ladies. Here you can experience the flow of erotic energies and emotions without sex, and it is much, much more than just making love. For me, it was already very important in a relationship to give emotionally, but the tantric massage has reinforced this even more. Once someone tries it, they will only understand what those who have spent some wonderful hours here are writing about.


Zoltán „Sultan”