Thank you for the attention and dedication with which you have approached me! As much as I believed in your method, I could not imagine the ” density ” of love and tenderness that you radiated towards me during the massage. It’s hard to express in words the feeling of being wrapped in a “love cocoon” and it’s so good to be in there… The only way I could experience this was to trust you completely, even when I didn’t know you, and that is your doing. Thank you!
If you have read my previous posts, you know why I went. I wasn’t looking for pleasure (although deep down I was hoping I was getting there, that I could experience it), but for a change, that massage would help me to improve. And I was not disappointed. I got to know myself better with your help. I was able to experience emotions that I still feel to this day and many things in me have been reassessed. I see myself differently after my experience with you and I like what I see now much better (Robert likes it better too…)