Despite the fact that since the time when writings about tantric love were published in Hungarian and I followed them, I didn’t really know what to expect from tantric massage. I took it for granted that I would ask for a male masseur for the first time. The unfamiliarity and the fact that I would be undressing in front of a man I was completely unfamiliar with caused me some anxiety – which was soon relieved by the polite, intelligent and very handsome masseur (tantra priest).

I soon understood that, despite the intimacy of the relationship during the massage, it had to remain quite impersonal. The man masseur did not find and pamper my person, but the Goddess within me, and served her perfectly. I experienced this not as “simple love” but as a much more sublime feeling. The aim was not only to activate the lower chakras (the root and sex chakras), but to bring the energies to the heart. And I think this happened even if the response was not love and not a traditional bursting orgasm. But I realised that this feeling was a new quality of orgasm that could only be activated through tantra.

After the first time, I left with a feeling of lack, because like everything, this feeling takes some getting used to. That’s why this pampering calls for repetition, and that’s how it will really integrate. For whom is tantric massage recommended? Anyone who wants to learn a new quality of inner energy and a new form of pleasure. Whether female or male, couple or single, young or mature. It is only not for those who want some kind of traditional sexual service and think that the name is just a disguise for some other service.

No. Here, you actually enter a temple and are welcomed, honoured and pampered by real priests and priestesses.