Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between tantric massage and erotic massage / sex massage?

Tantric massage, also known as tantric massage, like erotic massage/sex massage, aims at awakening erotic energies, but with a completely different approach. While the colloquially called erotic massage is usually aimed at achieving sexual satisfaction (accompanied in most cases by ejaculation in men), in tantric massage the masseur directs the aroused erotic energies upwards, thus refining the more raw, coarse sexual energy.

Translated into everyday language, this means that instead of a genitally focused, eruptive orgasm, you can experience a very wide range of energetic and consciousness states, depending on what you can take in, what you are ready for, what you need: breaking through inhibitions, releasing sexual and emotional blocks, letting go of locked-in pain, or experiencing a full-body state of ecstasy, heartfelt catharsis, conscious expansion..

Will I have an orgasm during the massage?

It’s different for everyone. Some people come to us because they have been abused and cannot open up in male-female relationships, cannot let themselves go. Some people “simply” have a painful relationship or sexual experience that has left them feeling trapped, and they want to release this feeling of closure. Others seek to experience pleasure in a more fulfilling and fulfilling way, rather than a high-intensity but quickly fading orgasmic experience centered on the genitals (vagina = yoni / penis = lingam).
Everyone has different needs and requirements; orgasm is only a goal to the extent that it helps to release and experience connection with ourselves – and, from a broader perspective, with the „Divine”.

Do men have ejaculation ("happy ending") ?

None. If you just think about the fact that the body obviously needs energy to produce semen, it becomes clear that ejaculation, the ejection of semen, is a loss of energy. And according to the teachings of Tantra, we need to conserve and raise our energies in order to reach the highest possible states of energy and consciousness. That is why at the Tantra Temple, ejaculation not the goal during massage, but as masseurs we take special care not to focus the arousal of erotic energies on the genitals (lingam), but to show that the whole body can be erogenous. The erotic energies thus awakened can then be channelled to higher levels, where a different quality of orgasm can be experienced.
All this means that instead of the “ordinary”, seed-losing, intense, short-lasting orgasmic experience, you can experience, for example, total release, relaxation, or even heart-opening, an atmosphere of trust, harmony, complete satisfaction, or, on a conscious level, a dissolution of individual boundaries, an expansion of consciousness, transcendental experiences. This is not orgasm in the traditional sense, but a different kind of satisfaction or ecstasy that occurs independently of ejaculation.

I've been to tantric massages elsewhere where I was getting a handjob. How is it possible that this is forbidden in your place?

The previous point makes this clear. Many places that call themselves tantric are in fact simply providing sexual services. We at the Tantra Temple follow the teachings of traditional tantra, which make clear the harmful effects of seed loss, ejaculation. Thus, we encourage all men to conserve their seed, not only during massage, but also during sexual intercourse at home.
Semen retention, also known as sexual continence, brahmacharya, is a fundamental principle not only of Tantra but of Taoism. For more information on this subject, please read our section on Tantra or feel free to ask us, the masseurs, any questions you may have, both on the phone and in person (for example, there are opportunities to discuss this topic before and after the massage). If you would like a deeper/more comprehensive insight into the mysteries of core retention and energy conservation and upliftment, we would like to recommend the book Taoist Love Secrets by Taoist master Mantak Chia.

Do you offer lingam massage?

None. The massage of the lingam (the male genital organ, the penis) in the Tantra Temple is not part of the Tantric massage for men. As emphasized in the previous points, for men the erotic experience is mainly concentrated in the area around the genitals. In our massage we aim to show that your whole body is an erogenous zone, to extend the erotic experience to your whole being. That is why in the “basic” tantric massage we do not even touch the lingam, as that would immediately refocus your attention and therefore your energies there.
In time, when you can safely control your erotic energies, you can receive a lingam massage. This can be further assisted by a series of initiations (seminars), which will introduce you to the main principles of Tantra theory and practice.

Do you have yoni massage?

Yes. Touching the yoni (the female genital organ) externally and internally is an integral part of Tantric massage for women. The basis of yoni massage is that blocks, inhibitions and pains in women are stored in the vagina as physically palpable tension, and releasing this tension effectively facilitates the healing process so that you can more freely experience your femininity and sensuality.
Of course, if you as a woman do not want the masseur to give you a yoni massage, you can say so. For some people, such a deep intimate opening is the culmination of a long therapeutic process. Others are able to fully open up and surrender to the full range of experiences during the very first massage. Our personalities, current events in our lives, and even the states we are experiencing at any given moment during the massage can profoundly influence our mood and openness. If you choose not to have a yoni massage, the masseur will simply massage and pamper the rest of your body for longer.

When should I decide if I want a yoni massage?

You’ll find it during the massage. It’s unnecessary to decide in advance whether you want a yoni massage or not, because during the massage you will feel whether it is “integrated”, whether your yoni wants to be touched.
It has happened to many of our female clients that before the massage they thought it was unthinkable to let the masseur, a stranger, touch their yoni, yet in the situation, the massage felt natural, and their body craved this intimate touch. In tantric massage, a loving and trusting atmosphere and a spiritual opening can develop that can override social conventions in one fell swoop and sweep away the apparent distance between two people. At the same time, we are aware that this opening and connection is there and for that very moment, and not for us personally; so you can be sure that we will treat you with love and respect, treat your trust with gratitude and not abuse it.

Can I choose a masseuse/masseur?

Yes – but we don’t recommend you do so. Although we have posted some photos of ourselves, and it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, there is a much deeper level of communication through touch. What we are saying is that if you decide which masseur you want based on the pictures you post, it is usually a choice of ego, which makes a decision based on theoretical criteria, thus masking the real feeling and limiting the experience. It is therefore recommended to let yourself be assigned to an arbitrary masseur. However, of course, if you insist on a particular masseur, please simply let us know and we will make an appointment accordingly.
If you are a man, you can be sure that you will be massaged by a female masseuse. If you are a woman, you can choose whether you prefer a male or female masseur.
If you have a specific goal for your massage or a challenge that you would like to be addressed during the massage, please let us know at the time of your appointment so that we can better understand which masseur to schedule you with.

How often should I have a massage?

We cannot give a general answer to this question, as it is too much influenced by individual factors and motivations. There is as much room for simply giving yourself the gift of a tantric massage experience once as there is for setting a specific goal and attending a massage regularly, as if it were a therapy. In the latter case, you can discuss with your masseur what frequency is best for you.

How can I register and book an appointment?

You can reach us by email at or by phone on +36 30 974 0208. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you using the same contact details.

How do I prepare for a massage? What to bring?

The massage requires no special preparation on your part. However, it is recommended that you come when you are not too tired or sleepy, and it also helps if you do not arrive with a full stomach. We recommend that you do not plan any urgent or demanding activities immediately after the massage, but give yourself time to process what you have experienced.
You don’t need to bring anything with you: you can shower before the massage, shower gel and towels are provided (also hair elastics and curlers).

Do I wear underwear during the massage? And my masseur?

Since our aim in Tantric massage is to help you awaken sensuality and erotic energies, which can be best achieved through direct touch, it is a form of massage without clothes, so our guests are usually completely naked. Of course, if you don’t want to strip completely, you can leave your underwear on.
We masseurs always wear underwear (panties/underpants).

Where can I park?

There is no separate parking, you can park in the surrounding streets. Remember that as it is downtown, parking is paid.